12 Best Robert Deniro Movies Of All Time

Robert De Niro, known for his versatile acting abilities, has a diverse filmography that includes collaborations with acclaimed director Martin Scorsese and memorable performances in crime dramas and comedic roles. Throughout his career, De Niro has showcased his talent and range as an actor, earning him the reputation as one of the greatest actors ever.

De Niro’s collaborations with Martin Scorsese have resulted in some of his most iconic performances. Films such as “Mean Streets,” “Taxi Driver,” “Raging Bull,” and “Goodfellas” have solidified their status as classics in the crime drama genre. De Niro’s ability to fully immerse himself in these roles brings his characters a sense of authenticity and intensity.

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Renowned for his captivating performances and versatile range, Robert De Niro has become an icon in cinema. With an illustrious career spanning decades, he has left an indelible mark on the industry through his collaborations with esteemed directors, unforgettable portrayals in crime dramas, and captivating roles in character-driven films. From his intense and transformative performances to his exploration of complex themes, De Niro continues captivating audiences, earning his place as a masterful and influential actor.

Robert Deniro Movies

12 Best Robert Deniro Movies

  1. Casino

    Director: Martin Scorsese

    Writers: Nicholas Pileggi, Martin Scorsese

    Stars: Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone, Joe Pesci

    Genres: Crime, Drama

    Casino (1995) on IMDb

    Casino is a 1995 crime drama film based on real events and characters from the history of organized crime in Las Vegas during the 1970s and early 1980s.

    The film is set in the glittering world of Las Vegas, where the Tangier Casino is at the center of the action. Robert De Niro plays Sam “Ace” Rothstein, a talented handicapper with a deep sports gambling knowledge. The mafia hires him to run the Tangier Casino and protect their interests. Sam is meticulous and calculating and believes in running a clean operation.

    Joe Pesci plays Nicky Santoro, Sam’s childhood friend and a ruthless enforcer for the mob. Nicky’s wild and violent behavior quickly gets him banned from every casino in Las Vegas. Still, he remains loyal to Sam and eventually becomes the muscle behind Sam’s operations.

    Sharon Stone plays Ginger McKenna, a beautiful and troubled hustler who becomes Sam’s love interest and his wife. Ginger’s tumultuous relationship with Sam and her addiction to drugs and money lead to tension and conflict within the casino empire.

    As Sam and Nicky build their empire, tensions rise, and power struggles ensue within the casino and among the mob bosses overseeing their activities. The film explores themes of greed, corruption, loyalty, and the destructive nature of the casino business.

  2. The Deer Hunter

    Director: Michael Cimino

    Writers: Michael Cimino, Deric Washburn, Louis Garfinkle

    Stars: Robert De Niro, John Cazale, Christopher Walken

    Genres: Drama, War

    The Deer Hunter (1978) on IMDb

    It is a 1978 war drama film known for its powerful portrayal of the effects of the Vietnam War on a group of friends from a small Pennsylvania town.

    The film begins in Clairton, Pennsylvania, where a group of friends, including Michael, Steven, and Nick, work in a steel mill. They spend their free time hunting deer and enjoying each other’s company. The three friends and several others from their town are close-knit and have a strong bond.

    Steven, Michael, and Nick are drafted into the military as the Vietnam War escalates. Before they leave, Steven gets married, and the group holds a memorable wedding reception.

    The film then shifts to Vietnam, where the three friends are in a brutal and harrowing war. They experience the horrors of combat and are captured by the North Vietnamese forces. They are forced to play Russian roulette as part of a sadistic gambling game organized by their captors.

    After a harrowing escape, the friends are separated, with Michael and Nick returning to the United States. At the same time, Steven is left behind and presumed dead. Michael returns to Clairton, but his experiences in Vietnam haunt him. He is determined to find Nick, who he believes is still alive.

    Michael’s quest takes him back to Vietnam, where he encounters the devastating consequences of the war on Nick, who has become a prisoner of his trauma and is now involved in underground Russian roulette games.

  3. Joker

    Director: Todd Phillips

    Writers: Todd Phillips, Scott SilverBob Kane

    Stars: Robert De Niro, Joaquin Phoenix, Zazie Beetz

    Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller

    Joker (2019) on IMDb

    Joker is a 2019 psychological thriller and character study film. It offers an origin story for the Joker, exploring the transformation of a troubled, mentally ill man into the infamous Gotham City supervillain.

    The film is set in the early 1980s in Gotham City, a bleak and crime-ridden metropolis. Arthur Fleck is a mentally ill, struggling stand-up comedian who works as a clown-for-hire. He lives with his ailing mother, Penny, in a rundown apartment and dreams of becoming a famous comedian like his idol, Murray Franklin.

    Arthur suffers from a condition that causes him to burst into uncontrollable laughter at inappropriate times. This condition makes his interactions with others awkward and uncomfortable. He takes medication and sees a social worker but struggles with mental health.

    As Gotham City descends into chaos and unrest due to social and economic inequality, Arthur faces a series of personal and professional setbacks. He is assaulted by a group of teenagers while working as a clown and loses his job. His social services are cut, leaving him without access to the medication he needs.

    As Arthur’s life spirals out of control, he transforms into the Joker, adopting the persona as he becomes more unhinged. He starts embracing his darker impulses and committing acts of violence against those he perceives as enemies or oppressors.

    The film explores Arthur’s descent into madness and his transformation into the Joker as he becomes a symbol of anarchy and chaos in Gotham City. His actions spark a citywide movement of protesters wearing clown masks, and the film culminates in a violent and chaotic showdown on a live television talk show hosted by Murray Franklin.

  4. Raging Bull

    Director: Martin Scorsese

    Writers: Jake LaMotta, Joseph Carter, Peter Savage

    Stars: Robert De Niro, Cathy Moriarty, Joe Pesci

    Genres: Biography, Drama, Sport

    Raging Bull (1980) on IMDb

    The film tells the story of Jake LaMotta, a talented middleweight boxer who rose to fame in the 1940s. Jake is known for his incredible toughness and ability to take a punch, earning him the nickname “The Bronx Bull” and later “Raging Bull.” His brother Joey serves as his manager and supports him throughout his career.

    While Jake is a dominant force in the ring, his personal life is marked by self-destructive behavior, jealousy, and a volatile temper. He marries Vickie, a beautiful young woman, but his obsessive and possessive nature leads to a tumultuous and abusive relationship.

    As Jake’s boxing career continues to flourish, he becomes the world’s middleweight champion. However, his demons continue to haunt him, and his violent outbursts alienate those around him. His paranoia and jealousy drive a wedge between him and Vickie, leading to a heartbreaking and brutal domestic life.

    The film explores Jake’s journey from boxing stardom to his eventual fall from grace due to his destructive behavior. He loses his title and is banned from boxing for a period due to his connections to organized crime.

  5. Midnight Run

    Director: Martin Brest

    Writer: George Gallo

    Stars: Robert De Niro, Charles Grodin, Yaphet Kotto

    Genres: Action, Comedy, Crime, Thriller

    Midnight Run (1988) on IMDb

    Midnight Run is a 1988 action-comedy film that follows a bounty hunter and a white-collar criminal who are forced to work together as they embark on a cross-country journey filled with comedic and action-packed encounters.

    In this movie, Jack Walsh is a tough, no-nonsense former Chicago cop who now works as a bounty hunter. Eddie Moscone, a bail bondsman, hires him to track down and bring in Jonathan “The Duke” Mardukas, a mild-mannered accountant who embezzles $15 million from a mob boss named Jimmy Serrano.

    Jack manages to locate and apprehend the Duke in New York City, but as he tries to transport him back to Los Angeles to collect the bounty, the two men are pursued by the FBI, the mob, and other bounty hunters. The Duke, however, claims that he embezzled the money to give to charity, which Jack finds hard to believe.

    Jack and the Duke form an unlikely bond throughout their cross-country journey as they constantly bicker and find themselves in hilarious and dangerous situations. They encounter eccentric characters, including a rival bounty hunter, Marvin, and a pair of bumbling FBI agents, Alonzo Mosely and Bobby DeBarge.

    As the duo makes their way to Los Angeles, they uncover the true motives behind the embezzlement, and the Duke’s story seems more credible. Jack must decide whether to fulfill his duty as a bounty hunter or help the Duke clear his name.

  6. Meet the Parents

    Director: Jay Roach

    Writers: Greg Glienna, Mary Ruth Clarke, Jim Herzfeld

    Stars: Robert De Niro, Ben Stiller, Teri Polo

    Genres: Comedy, Romance

    Meet the Parents (2000) on IMDb

    The film follows Greg Focker, a male nurse, and his girlfriend, Pam Byrnes. Greg is deeply in love with Pam and decides to propose to her during a weekend trip to her family’s home on Long Island. However, there’s a catch: Pam’s father, Jack Byrnes, is a retired CIA agent with a very protective and skeptical nature.

    Greg and Pam arrive at the Byrnes family home, and Greg’s first encounter with Jack does not go well. Jack immediately starts grilling Greg with a series of intimidating questions and a suspicious attitude, making it clear that he is not an easy man to impress. The weekend takes a series of comically disastrous turns as Greg tries to win over Pam’s family while keeping his proposal plans a secret.

    Greg’s mishaps include damaging Jack’s precious cat, setting the backyard on fire while trying to cremate the cat, and lying about his background, claiming to be a successful financial advisor instead of a male nurse. His attempts to cover up his mistakes lead to escalating and humorous misunderstandings.

    Jack’s mistrust grows as Greg’s efforts to win over the family become increasingly chaotic and embarrassing. The situation peaks during a polygraph test administered by Jack, in which Greg is asked a series of embarrassing and revealing questions.

    The film culminates with Greg confessing his lies, apologizing, and explaining his true intentions of proposing to Pam. Jack realizes that Greg truly loves his daughter and blesses the marriage despite his initial reservations.

  7. Once Upon a Time in America

    Director: Sergio Leone

    Writers: Harry Grey, Leonardo Benvenuti, Piero De Bernardi

    Stars: Robert De Niro, James Woods, Elizabeth McGovern

    Genres: Crime, Drama

    Once Upon a Time in America (1984) on IMDb

    The film tells the story of David “Noodles” Aaronson and his childhood friend Maximilian “Max” Bercovicz, who grew up together in the Jewish immigrant neighborhood of New York City during the early 20th century. They become involved in petty crimes and eventually form their gang with several other young boys.

    As they grow older, Noodles and Max become more deeply involved in organized crime, working for a local mobster named Bugsy. They engaged in bootlegging during Prohibition and established a reputation as ruthless and successful criminals.

    The film’s narrative shifts between the past and the present, with an older Noodles living in exile in opulent but lonely surroundings. He receives a mysterious letter and returns to New York City, where he reflects on his past and tries to uncover the secrets that led to the disintegration of his gang and the betrayal of his friends.

    Through flashbacks, the film explores Noodles’ relationships with his friends, including Max, Cockeye, Patsy, and Deborah, a girl they all love. It also delves into their criminal exploits, betrayals, and the passage of time, covering several decades of their lives.

    As Noodles investigates the past, he uncovers painful truths and betrayals that have haunted him for years. The film culminates in a shocking revelation that sheds light on the events that led to the downfall of their gang and the loss of their innocence.

  8. Goodfellas

    Director: Martin Scorsese

    Writers: Nicholas Pileggi, Martin Scorsese

    Stars: Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, Ray Liotta

    Genres: Biography, Crime, Drama

    Goodfellas (1990) on IMDb

    Goodfellas is a 1990 crime drama film about young man Henry Hill, who is involved with the Italian-American Mafia in New York City and rises through the ranks of the criminal underworld.

    The film is narrated by Henry Hill, who begins his story as a young boy growing up in a working-class Italian-American neighborhood in Brooklyn. He idolizes the local gangsters and aspires to be a part of their world. Henry starts working for Paul “Paulie” Cicero, a mob boss, as a delivery boy and slowly becomes more deeply involved in organized crime.

    Henry’s rise through the ranks of the Mafia is chronicled, along with his close friendships with fellow mobsters James “Jimmy” Conway and Tommy DeVito. Together, they engage in various criminal activities, including robbery, extortion, and drug trafficking.

    As the years pass, the trio’s criminal empire expands, and they enjoy a life of luxury, partying, and excess. However, their criminal activities attract the attention of law enforcement, and Henry and his associates become increasingly paranoid.

    The film also focuses on Henry’s life, including his marriage to Karen. Karen becomes aware of Henry’s criminal activities and complicates some of them, leading to a tumultuous and dangerous relationship.

    As the pressure from law enforcement intensifies, the bonds of friendship within the criminal organization begin to deteriorate. Tommy’s violent and unpredictable behavior puts him at odds with powerful figures in the Mafia, and Jimmy becomes increasingly paranoid about potential informants.

    The film’s climax revolves around the infamous Lufthansa heist at JFK Airport, which brings a massive payday but produces brutal and deadly consequences for those involved.

    Ultimately, Henry is arrested and becomes an informant for the FBI, leading to the downfall of many of his former associates. He enters the Witness Protection Program, and the film concludes with his life as an ordinary citizen, separated from the criminal world he once embraced.

  9. The King of Comedy

    Director: Martin Scorsese

    Writer: Paul D. Zimmerman

    Stars: Robert De Niro, Diahnne Abbott, Jerry Lewis

    Genres: Comedy, Crime, Drama, Thriller

    The King of Comedy (1982) on IMDb

    The film centers around Rupert Pupkin, a socially awkward and unsuccessful stand-up comedian living in New York City. Rupert is obsessed with Jerry Langford, a famous late-night talk show host. He aspires to be a guest on Langford’s show and believes that achieving this goal will make him famous.

    Rupert’s delusions of grandeur lead him to stalk Jerry Langford, waiting for him outside his studio and home and bombarding him with fan mail. Despite Langford’s attempts to brush him off, Rupert’s persistence becomes increasingly unsettling.

    One day, Rupert meets another aspiring comedian, Masha, who shares his obsession with Langford. The two form an unlikely partnership, and together, they plot to kidnap Langford and demand that Rupert be given a spot on the show.

    Their plan turns unexpectedly when they successfully abduct Langford and hold him hostage in Rupert’s mother’s basement. While Langford is captive, Rupert takes the opportunity to rehearse his stand-up routine in front of his captive audience as if performing on Langford’s show.

    Rupert’s obsession with fame and celebrity is laid bare as the situation becomes more absurd and surreal. His delusions are further exposed as Langford tries to manipulate him and gain his freedom.

    The film’s climax is darkly comedic and tense, leading to a resolution highlighting the blurred line between fantasy and reality for Rupert Pupkin.

  10. Wag the Dog

    Director: Barry Levinson

    Writers: Larry Beinhart, Hilary Henkin, David Mamet

    Stars: Robert De Niro, Dustin Hoffman, Anne Heche

    Genres: Comedy, Drama

    Wag the Dog (1997) on IMDb

    The film begins with the President of the United States facing a potentially damaging scandal just days before re-election. It’s revealed that the President has been accused of making unwanted advances toward a young girl, and this scandal threatens to derail his chances of winning the upcoming election.

    In a desperate bid to divert attention away from the scandal and secure the President’s re-election, Conrad Brean, a seasoned political spin doctor, is called in by the President’s team. Brean enlists the help of Hollywood producer Stanley Motss, a master of creating illusions and manipulating public perception.

    Brean and Motss concoct a plan to fabricate a war with Albania, a small and obscure country, as a distraction. They create a fictional war hero named “Old Shoe” and stage elaborate war footage with the help of Hollywood special effects and a talented team of producers and actors. The goal is to convince the American public that the country is at war and that the President is a strong and decisive leader.

    The plan is working as the fabricated war intensifies and the media becomes more engrossed in the story. The public’s attention shifts away from the President’s scandal and focuses on the war effort. The President’s approval ratings rise, and he appears poised for re-election.

    However, the situation becomes increasingly complicated as various unforeseen events and challenges arise, including the accidental death of a CIA operative involved in the scheme and the need to create a dramatic resolution to the fake war.

    It explores the power of media manipulation, the blurring of truth and fiction, and the willingness of political operatives to go to extreme lengths to shape public perception. It satirizes the world of politics and media, raising questions about the authenticity of information and the ethics of those who manipulate it.

  11. Cop Land

    Director: James Mangold

    Writer: James Mangold

    Stars: Robert De Niro, Harvey Keitel, Sylvester Stallone, Ray Liotta

    Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller

    Cop Land (1997) on IMDb

    The film is set in the fictional town of Garrison, New Jersey, which serves as a quiet, suburban community for many New York City police officers. These officers, collectively known as the “Cops of Garrison,” enjoy a peaceful and close-knit existence away from the crime and chaos of the city.

    Freddy Heflin is the sheriff of Garrison, and his hearing was damaged in a heroic act during his youth. He has always wanted to become a New York City cop, but his hearing impairment prevented him from doing so. As a result, he is largely looked down upon by the NYPD officers living in Garrison.

    The peaceful facade of Garrison is shattered when Murray “Superboy” Babitch, the nephew of a prominent NYPD officer, crashes his car into the George Washington Bridge and disappears. It is suspected that Superboy killed two African-American men, and the NYPD officers involved in the cover-up sent him into hiding.

    As Freddy investigates Superboy’s disappearance and the suspicious events surrounding it, he becomes aware of the deep-rooted corruption among the NYPD officers in Garrison, including Ray Donlan, Joey Randone, and Gary Figgis.

    Torn between loyalty to his fellow law enforcement officers and his commitment to justice, Freddy begins to uncover evidence of the cover-up. He is also assisted by Internal Affairs officer Moe Tilden, who has been investigating corruption within the NYPD.

    The film escalates into a tense and morally complex showdown between Freddy, the corrupt officers, and Internal Affairs. Freddy must confront his limitations and decide where his loyalty lies as he seeks to bring the truth to light.

  12. Mean Streets

    Director: Martin Scorsese

    Writers: Martin Scorsese, Mardik Martin

    Stars: Robert De Niro, Harvey Keitel, David Proval

    Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller

    Mean Streets (1973) on IMDb

    The film is set in the gritty neighborhood of Little Italy in New York City and follows the life of Charlie, a young Italian-American man who works as a small-time collector for his uncle, Giovanni. Charlie is also torn between his loyalty to his Catholic faith and his involvement in the criminal activities of his neighborhood.

    Charlie’s close friend and confidant is Johnny Boy, a reckless and unpredictable troublemaker with a penchant for getting into trouble. Johnny Boy owes money to various people in the neighborhood, and his erratic behavior often leads to confrontations.

    Charlie is also in a romantic relationship with Teresa, Johnny Boy’s cousin, who has epilepsy. Charlie is protective of Teresa and struggles to reconcile his feelings for her with his involvement in the criminal world.

    As Charlie tries to navigate the challenges of his personal life and the criminal activities of his neighborhood, he becomes increasingly entangled in the conflicts and power struggles among various local mobsters. He also tries to help Johnny Boy escape the trouble he finds himself in.

    Throughout the film, the characters grapple with loyalty, guilt, and redemption themes, all set against a neighborhood plagued by crime and violence. Johnny Boy’s behavior becomes increasingly self-destructive, and Charlie is torn between his loyalty to his friend & his desire to break free from the cycle of violence and crime.


Robert De Niro’s filmography is a testament to his immense talent & versatility as an actor. De Niro has consistently delivered captivating and authentic portrayals, from his collaborations with Martin Scorsese to his memorable performances in crime dramas and character studies. Like a chameleon, he seamlessly transforms into each character, leaving a lasting impression on audiences. His contributions to cinema will forever be remembered, and his legacy as a masterful actor will continue to inspire future generations.


What Is Robert De Niro’s Net Worth?

Robert De Niro’s net worth is around $500 million. The acclaimed actor has had a successful career spanning decades, with iconic roles in films such as “The Godfather Part II” and “Taxi Driver.”

What Is Robert De Niro’s Most Critically Acclaimed Performance?

Robert De Niro’s most critically acclaimed performance is widely considered to be his portrayal of Jake LaMotta in “Raging Bull.” His raw and intense performance garnered widespread praise & earned an Academy Award for Best Actor.

How Many Awards Has Robert De Niro Won in His Career?

Robert De Niro has won numerous awards, including two Academy Awards for Best Actor & Best Supporting Actor. His exceptional talent & versatility have earned him critical acclaim & solidified his status as a legendary actor.

What Is Robert De Niro’s Production Company Called?

Robert De Niro’s production company is called TriBeCa Productions. Founded in 1989, it has produced diverse films, including critically acclaimed works such as “A Bronx Tale” and “The Irishman.”

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