Kemono Jihen Season 2 Release Date, Plot, Cast & Everything You Should Know

The first season, which aired from January 10, 2021, to March 28, 2021, met the expectations of manga followers and received positive reviews. Created by Ajia-do Animation Works and licensed by Funimation, Kemono Jihen takes us on a thrilling journey with Detective Kohachi Inugami as he investigates animal carcasses found in a mountain village. Along his investigation, Inugami crosses paths with Kabane Kusaka, a child born from a human, and a Khoular, who becomes his ally. Together with other intriguing characters like Shiki Tademaru and Ayumu Murase, they unravel the secrets of this supernatural world.

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The highly anticipated second season of ‘Kemono Jihen’ is finally upon us, and it’s bound to be a wild ride. In this electrifying new chapter, we’ll witness Inugami’s relentless pursuit of truth as he delves deeper into the enigmatic animal carcasses that haunt a secluded mountain village. Joined by his trusty companion Kabane Kusaka, a remarkable hybrid child with extraordinary abilities, they form an unstoppable duo determined to uncover the secrets lurking in the shadows.

Kemono Jihen Season 2

Kemono Jihen Season 2 Plot

This season, the plot will continue to follow Detective Kohachi Inugami as he investigates the mysterious sightings of rotten animal carcasses in a remote mountain village. With each discovery, Inugami and his unlikely ally, Kabane Kusaka, a child born from a human and a Khoular, will delve further into the dark secrets surrounding them.

As they uncover more clues, their journey will lead them to encounter new allies and face even greater dangers. The stakes are higher than ever as they navigate treacherous terrain filled with mythical creatures and hidden agendas. Along the way, they must confront their inner demons and make difficult choices that could determine the fate of humans and supernatural beings.

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The second season promises to deliver even more thrilling twists and turns, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. Fans can expect an immersive storyline inspired by Sho Aimoto’s original manga series ‘Izayajima.’ As we venture into this captivating world again, be prepared for heart-pounding suspense, jaw-dropping revelations, and unforgettable moments that will leave you craving more.

Kemono Jihen Season 2 Cast

In this thrilling anime series, Natsumi Fujiwara gives life to Kabane Kushaka, a 12-year-old hybrid with a troubled past. Kabane’s search for his parents and journey of self-discovery will continue to captivate audiences with Fujiwara’s incredible voice-acting skills.

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Junichi Suwabe delivers a powerful performance as Kohachi Inugami, the carefree and mischievous detective with illusion spells and a body like steel. Suwabe’s portrayal perfectly captures Inugami’s playful nature and strong presence on screen.

Natsuki Hanae brings Shiki Tademaru to life, a 14-year-old boy who may come off as rude but intensely loyal to his friends. Hanae’s exceptional voice-acting skills will undoubtedly capture Shiki’s complex personality and make him an engaging character.

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As for Akira, the feminine 15-year-old descendant of Yukionna who can freeze objects, we have yet to confirm the voice actor behind this intriguing character. And let’s remember Mihai, the immortal vampire who feels lonely and spends his time playing video games, another character whose voice actor still needs to be discovered. With such a talented cast returning for Kemono Jihen Season 2, fans can expect another captivating and immersive experience.

Kemono Jihen Season 2 Release Date

While an official release date of Kemono Jihen Season 2 has yet to be announced, there are indications that production may already be underway. Based on previous timelines for bringing an anime series to life, we could see season two anytime in 2024.

While we await more information and an official announcement regarding Kemono Jihen Season 2’s release date, fans can continue enjoying merchandise releases and exploring new content on the anime’s official website. The anticipation builds as we await another thrilling adventure in this supernatural world.

Kemono Jihen English dub cast

In the world of Kemono Jihen’s English dub, talented voice actors like Patrick Seltz bring supernatural characters to life with their mesmerizing performances. Patrick Seltz, known for his portrayal of Detective Kohachi Inugami, is a heavyweight in the voice acting industry with over 500 appearances under his belt. With such experience and expertise, he will likely return to reprise his role in Kemono Jihen Season 2.

Joining Seltz are other talented voice actors who lend their voices to the beloved characters of Kemono Jihen’s English dub. Madeleine Morris takes on the role of Kabane Kasuka, bringing depth and emotion to this hybrid character. Patrick Seitz brings his skill and versatility to the role of Kohachi Inugami, capturing this intriguing detective’s carefree and powerful sides.

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The rest of the main cast members include AJ Beckles as Shiki, Cassie Ewuru as Akira, Matt Shipman as Mihai, Brittany Lauda as Kon, Kevin K Gomez as Nobimaru, and Ben Balmaceda as Yui. Each actor adds unique flair and talent to their characters, making the English dub a genuinely immersive experience.

With such a stellar lineup of voice actors, fans can expect nothing short of excellence regarding the English dub of Kemono Jihen Season 2.

Where To Watch Kemono Jihen Season 2?

While there hasn’t been an official announcement regarding the release date yet, you’ll want to keep an eye on streaming platforms like Netflix. Since the first season is already available on Netflix, they will likely continue to be the go-to platform for fans to enjoy the next installment of this captivating anime series.

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Watch for updates and announcements about Kemono Jihen Season 2 on official websites and social media channels. As soon as any information becomes available regarding its release date or where to watch it, you won’t want to miss out on being one of the first to experience all the excitement and suspense that awaits in this highly anticipated second season.


The highly anticipated second season of Kemono Jihen is on the horizon. Fans can expect another thrilling adventure as Detective Inugami and his team delve deeper into the world of mysterious animal carcasses. With an engaging plot and a talented cast, including the return of the English voice actor for Detective Inugami, viewers are in for a treat. While an official release date has not been confirmed, we will likely expect this captivating story by the end of 2024.


What is the current status of Kemono Jihen Season 2 production?

The current status of Kemono Jihen Season 2 production still needs to be discovered. There has been no official announcement regarding the release date or any updates on its production. However, fans eagerly anticipate the new season and hope for more information soon.

How many volumes of the manga series does Kemono Jihen Season 2 cover?

The manga series Kemono Jihen the anime is based on has 16 volumes. While the anime’s first season covered the first 6 volumes, it needs to be clarified how many volumes will be covered in Season 2. However, given the rich source material, we can expect an intriguing and captivating storyline that will keep us hooked from start to finish.

Who is the English voice actor for Detective Kohachi Inugami?

The English voice actor for Detective Kohachi Inugami is Patrick Seltz. He has over 500 appearances as a voice actor and is likely to return for the second season of Kemono Jihen. Fans can expect his excellent character portrayal to continue in the upcoming episodes.

When will the English publisher for the Kemono Jihen manga series be announced?

The English publisher for the Kemono Jihen manga series has yet to be announced.

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