Heavenly Delusion Season 2 – Everything You Should Know

Heavenly Delusion is a post-apocalyptic anime adaptation of the manga series written and drawn by Masakazu Ishiguro. It has been met with critical acclaim from viewers who appreciate its mysterious world-building and compelling narrative. The first season, consisting of 13 episodes, ended in June 2023. With that said fans are eagerly awaiting an update about Season 2.

The good news is that rumors are circulating about the possibility of the Heavenly Delusion: Season 2 trailer coming out soon. If true, this will give audiences a glimpse into what to expect as the story unfolds and unravels new mysteries. However, something can only be confirmed once Production I.G or Kodansha Publishing House makes an official announcement.

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Fans are in for a thrilling ride as they anticipate the upcoming trailer and second season of Heavenly Delusion. Hopefully, all questions will be answered when more information becomes available for everyone’s delight and enjoyment immediately! In the meantime, viewers can only speculate on where the plot might lead next while waiting for announcements from Production I.G or Kodansha Publishing House regarding Season 2’s development status and content updates in due course.

All about Heavenly Delusion season 2

Heavenly Delusion Season 2 Release date

Unfortunately, the release date for Heavenly Delusion’s highly anticipated second season is still unknown. As a fan eagerly awaiting the continuation of this captivating anime series, it can be frustrating not knowing when we will see more of Kiruko and Maru’s journey unfold. However, despite the lack of an official confirmation from the producers, there are potential leaks on Twitter that suggest Season 2 will indeed happen.

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While it may be disappointing to hear that Season 2 won’t be out for a while, it’s important to remember that good things come to those who wait. The success of the first season and the ongoing popularity of the manga increase the likelihood of Heavenly Delusion: Season 2 becoming a reality.

What Is Heavenly Delusion Season 2 About?

In the highly anticipated second season of Heavenly Delusion, we will delve deeper into the mysteries surrounding Kiruko and Maru’s journey as they search for answers and face new challenges. Maru’s true identity is still uncertain, whether he is Tokio’s son or a clone. This unresolved plot point adds to the anticipation of seeing how their quest to reach Heaven unfolds.

Fans eagerly await to see if Kiruko and Maru can find the boy who looks like him, further adding intrigue to their adventure. There is a strong desire among viewers to witness Robin facing the consequences of his actions against Kiruko.

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With all these unresolved storylines from the previous season, season 2 promises closure and sheds light on many unanswered questions. As we eagerly await more information about Heavenly Delusion Season 2, one thing is for sure, this next season has a lot in store for us. Stay tuned as we explore what lies ahead for our beloved characters in this captivating series.

Which Studio Is Making Heavenly Delusion Season 2?

Excitingly, the studio behind the highly anticipated second season of Heavenly Delusion is yet to be officially confirmed. However, based on their previous work, it is likely that Production I.G will return to animate Season 2. Fans have praised their animation quality and storytelling in the first season, making them a fan-favorite choice for the next installment.

Where Will Heavenly Delusion Season 2 Be Aired?

Fans of the anime series can rejoice as they can watch Heavenly Delusion season 2 on Disney+ globally. For viewers in the United States, Hulu will provide access to the latest season. Additionally, Latin American fans can catch all the action on Star +.

This exciting news means that fans from various regions can continue following Kiruko and Maru’s journey. With Heavenly Delusion being available on these popular services, it ensures that no one misses out on this captivating story.

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Now it’s just waiting for the official release date announcement for Heavenly Delusion season 2. Until then, fans can gear up by rewatching or catching up on previous episodes to refresh their memories and immerse themselves in this unique and mysterious world.


Heavenly Delusion season 2 is the anime fans have desperately wanted. While an official renewal announcement is still pending, Twitter leaks suggest it will happen soon. The anticipation for the release date is at an all-time high, especially since the plot will delve into the exciting A.I. Arc. With Production I.G’s potential involvement and the series’ availability on streaming platforms like Disney+ and Hulu, fans can expect a mind-blowing continuation of this epic story. So hold onto your seats because Heavenly Delusion Season 2 promises to be an absolute rollercoaster of emotions.


Are there any updates on the release date of Heavenly Delusion Season 2?

We don’t have any updates on the release date for Heavenly Delusion Season 2. Fans of Heavenly Delusion are waiting for the official announcement from the studio.

What can fans expect from the plot of Heavenly Delusion Season 2?

Fans can expect a thrilling and mysterious plot in Heavenly Delusion season 2. With unresolved storylines, questions about transformations and identities, and the potential for world destruction, the upcoming season comes with new excitement.

Will there be any new characters introduced in Heavenly Delusion Season 2?

Yes, there will be new characters introduced in Heavenly Delusion Season 2. The exact details are yet to be revealed, but fans can expect fresh faces that will add depth and excitement to the storyline.

How has the success of Season 1 influenced the likelihood of a Season 2?

The success of season 1 has significantly increased the likelihood of a Season 2 for Heavenly Delusion. Fans’ enthusiasm and support have created a strong demand, making it more probable that we will see the continuation of the story.

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