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Assassination Classroom is a popular sci-fi comedy anime that captured viewers’ hearts when it was first released in 2015. With its unique blend of comedy and heartfelt moments, the show left fans with broken hearts by the end of Season 2. However, it seems unlikely that there will be an Assassination Classroom Season 3. The first two seasons covered the entire manga plotline, leaving little room for a continuation. As much as we would love to see more of Koro-sensei and class 3-E’s adventures, their story appears to have reached its conclusion. But don’t despair! There may still be hope for future spin-offs or new projects related to Assassination Classroom.

The show successfully balances lighthearted humor with heartfelt moments, making an emotional connection between the audience and the characters. Despite its popularity and widespread acclaim, it is doubtful that Assassination Classroom will have a Season 3. This is because both seasons covered the entire manga plotline, leaving no room for further continuation. Nevertheless, fans remain hopeful for any updates or spin-offs related to this beloved series.

All about Assassination Classroom season 3

Assassination Classroom Season 3 Release date

The third season of the popular anime series Assassination Classroom has no confirmed release date. This lack of information may be frustrating for fans who eagerly await the continuation of the story. However, it is important to understand that the creators must provide updates on this matter. While this may seem unfair to fans who desire closure or further exploration of the narrative, we must remember that the decision ultimately lies with those involved in production.

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As fans patiently wait for more information regarding a potential season 3, staying updated through official channels and reliable sources is advisable. It can be challenging to accept uncertainty when anticipating something we enjoy, but understanding that decisions related to production and release dates are complex can help maintain a sense of freedom from undue expectations.

What Is Assassination Classroom Season 3 About?

While the main story may be over, there is still potential for a spin-off or a new storyline that explores different aspects of the beloved characters and their world. One possibility could be following Nagisa Shiota’s journey as he becomes a teacher himself, facing the challenges of an unruly class while incorporating Koro-sensei’s teachings. This slice-of-life format would provide a fresh perspective while staying true to the heart and humor of the original series.

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Assassination Classroom Season 3 could delve into Koro Sensei’s quest in an RPG setting. This unique manga adaptation by Kizuku Watanabe and Jo Aoto features our favorite characters’ training to be heroes while maintaining their mission to kill Koro-sensei. This exciting twist would offer fans a fresh take on the story they love, blending action, comedy, and heartfelt moments in an entirely new way.

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With so many possibilities for continuation or spin-offs, fans are waiting for any news or updates about Assassination Classroom Season 3. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

Assassination Classroom Season 3 Trailer

Unfortunately, fans are still debating whether a trailer for Assassination Classroom Season 3 has been released. There has yet to be an official announcement or teaser regarding this beloved anime series’s highly anticipated third season. While fans eagerly await updates or glimpses into the new season, they must be patient and watch for any news from Studio Lerche.

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The lack of an Assassination Classroom Season 3 trailer leaves fans wondering what exciting adventures and challenges await their favorite characters. Will Koro-sensei return as a vampire lord with new evil plans? Will there be any unexpected twists in the storyline? The possibilities are endless, but until more information is revealed, fans can only speculate and share their theories online.

Assassination Classroom Season 3 Expected Cast

Fans can expect the familiar faces of Koro-sensei, Karma Akabane, Nagisa Shiota, and Tadaomi Karasuma to reprise their roles in the highly anticipated third season. As the story continues, we can look forward to more exciting adventures, intense battles, and heartwarming moments between the lovable teacher and his determined students. With Koro-sensei’s unique abilities and unwavering dedication to his students’ growth, we can expect new challenges for Class 3-E as they face off against formidable foes.

Which Studio Is Making Assassination Classroom Season 3?

Studio Lerche was responsible for animating the first two seasons of Assassination Classroom, bringing Yusei Matsui’s manga to life with their unique style. However, a different studio will likely be involved in producing a potential sequel.

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While Crunchyroll and Muse Communication are expected to continue licensing the Assassination Classroom brand, the studio behind Season 3 may opt for a fresh approach. This change in the animation studio could bring a new visual aesthetic and storytelling style to the series, adding an exciting element for fans.

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With different studios come different artistic visions and techniques, which can significantly influence an anime’s overall look and feel. Fans can anticipate how a new studio would interpret the characters and world of Assassination Classroom, potentially breathing new life into this beloved franchise.

Where Will Assassination Classroom Season 3 Be Aired?

You’ll be happy to know the wait is over because there won’t be a Season 3. As I mentioned earlier, the story of Assassination Classroom is already complete, so there’s no need to wait for any new episodes.

You can still enjoy the first two seasons of Assassination Classroom on Crunchyroll and Funimation. If you prefer to download your anime, you can also find it on Apple TV. So even though there won’t be a Season 3, you can still relive all the comedy and heartfelt moments that made this anime so famous.

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I know it isn’t enjoyable for fans hoping for more adventures with Koro-sensei and Class 3-E, but sometimes it’s better to let a story end on a high note rather than dragging it out too long. The creators of Assassination Classroom knew when to conclude the series, leaving viewers with a broken heart but satisfied with the ending.


After eagerly waiting for news about Assassination Classroom Season 3, it seems that the future of our beloved anime remains uncertain. Fans have been left hanging, wondering if we will ever see our favorite characters again. Despite the lack of official announcements, hope still lingers in the air. Perhaps one day, a spin-off or reboot will grace our screens and transport us back to the world of Koro-sensei and his extraordinary students. Until then, let’s hold onto our memories and keep our fingers crossed for a miraculous return.


Will a spin-off or reboot of Assassination Classroom instead of Season 3 exist?

Yes, a spin-off or reboot for Assassination Classroom is possible instead of a Season 3. It could explore new stories or continue the existing ones in a different format.

What is the emotional impact of Assassination Classroom Season 2?

The emotional impact of Assassination Classroom Season 2 was immense. The heartfelt ending left viewers in tears and feeling distraught.

What is the government reward for killing Koro-sensei in the Assassination Classroom?

The government reward for killing Koro-sensei in Assassination Classroom is ¥10 billion. A staggering amount entices the students of Class 3-E to learn assassination techniques and embark on their mission to eliminate their unique and beloved teacher.

Will the potential spin-off of Assassination Classroom focus on Nagisa Shiota as a teacher?

Yes, the potential spin-off of Assassination Classroom is expected to focus on Nagisa Shiota as a teacher. It would explore his role in a slice-of-life format with unruly students.

Is there a manga adaptation of Assassination Classroom?

Yes, there is a manga adaptation of Assassination Classroom. It was written and illustrated by Yusei Matsui and serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump. The anime series closely followed the plotline of the manga.

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