Carnival Row Season 3 – Is it Canceled?

With its unique blend of fantasy, mystery, and political intrigue, Carnival Row has captivated audiences who crave freedom from the mundane. As we dive back into this mesmerizing universe filled with mythical creatures and dark secrets, one thing is sure: Carnival Row Season 3 will challenge our perceptions of power and privilege while reminding us that true freedom comes at a price.

The potential love story between Orlando Bloom’s character Rycroft Philostrate and Cara Delevingne’s Vignette Stonemoss added excitement. Their chemistry on screen was palpable, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating how their relationship would unfold.

Furthermore, Carnival Row tackled important themes like immigration and racism allegorically. It sheds light on society’s treatment of those different or marginalized, forcing us to confront our biases.

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Despite its underperformance in the first season, Carnival Row gathered a dedicated fan base who praised its writing, acting, and willingness to tackle essential topics. The shocking ending of Season 2 left some viewers satisfied but sad simultaneously, unsure if there would ever be closure for their favorite characters.

Carnival Row Season 3

Is Carnival Row Season 3 Renewed?

The highly anticipated continuation of Carnival Row has been canceled. Despite its impressive visual effects, star-studded cast, and thought-provoking themes, Amazon has unfortunately decided to cancel the show after its second season.

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It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why Carnival Row didn’t receive the renewal it deserved. Some speculate that the underperformance of the first season may have played a role. Others believe that the pandemic’s impact on production could have been a contributing factor. Whatever the reason, it’s disheartening to see such a unique and promising series come to an early end.

What Will Be The Plot For Carnival Row Season 3?

With the show’s cancellation, it is still being determined what the plot for Carnival Row Season 3 would have been. However, based on the developments in Season 2, several intriguing storylines could have been explored.

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One possibility is further exploring the divide between ordinary people and supernatural beings. In Season 2, we saw Jonah and Sophie imposing strict rules to confine all supernatural beings to the Row and forbidding them from flying. The consequences of these restrictions could have led to a significant conflict between humans and supernaturals, with Vignette working to prevent violence while Philo investigates a new mystery.

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Additionally, there were hints at a potential rebellion in Season 2, with Pact rebels capturing Agreus and Imogen. This storyline could have been expanded upon in Season 3, delving deeper into the political tensions within The Burgue and exploring the fae’s earliest days now that Tirnanoc is free from the Pact’s rule.

The Cast Of Carnival Row Season 3

Based on previous seasons in Carnival Row, the talented cast may take center stage in the highly-anticipated third season. Orlando Bloom returns as Rycroft Philo Philostrate, the human-fae hybrid inspector who fights for justice and equality in The Burgue. His portrayal of Philo brings depth and emotion to the character, making him a beloved figure among fans.

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Cara Delevingne reprises her role as Vignette Stonemoss, a strong and resilient fae who faces countless challenges but never loses her spirit. David Gyasi captivates audiences with his powerful performance as Agreus Astrayton, a faun with a mysterious past searching for his place in society. Tamzin Merchant shines as Imogen Spurnrose, navigating the complexities of privilege and love in a world of prejudice.

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The rest of the cast, including Leanne Best, Maeve Dermody, James Beaumont, Alice Krige, Ronan Vibert, and Mark Lewis Jones, bring their immense talent to breathe life into their characters and create an immersive experience for viewers.

What is Carnival Row season 2 about?

After the events of season 1, where we were introduced to the Darkasher mystery and learned about Philo’s enigmatic past, season 2 delves further into the tensions and hatred between humans and supernaturals.

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With Jonah and Sophie in power, they implement segregating laws that force all supernaturals to be sequestered in a row while also banning them from flying. This leads to even greater discrimination and oppression against these magical creatures. Meanwhile, Philo finds himself embroiled in a brand-new mystery that tests his investigative skills and puts him at odds with powerful forces.

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As for Vignette, she must navigate her role as a member of the Black Raven while trying to prevent her comrades from taking violent action against humans. Additionally, when Ezra sets out to ruin their happiness, Agreus and Imogen’s honeymoon phase is short-lived. To make matters worse, Pact rebels capture them, throwing their lives into chaos.

Carnival Row – Season 2 Trailer (Prime Video)

Prepare to be mesmerized and on the edge of your seat as Carnival Row – Season 2 trailer unveils a world rife with political intrigue, social unrest, and heart-stopping forbidden love. It showcases the stunning visuals and captivating storytelling that made Carnival Row a fan favorite. As the trailer unfolds, we are transported back to the dark and fantastical city of The Burg, where humans and magical creatures coexist in tension.

The trailer hints at a deeper exploration of the divide between humans and supernaturals, delving into discrimination, hatred, and bigotry themes. We catch glimpses of Rycroft Philo Philostrate navigating through this dangerous landscape as he uncovers shocking secrets that threaten to tear apart the delicate balance between these two worlds.

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The chemistry between Rycroft Philo Philostrate and Vignette Stonemoss is palpable in every frame, adding an extra layer of emotional depth to their complicated relationship, but it’s not just their love story that takes center stage; we also witness the evolution of other characters like Imogen Spurnrose and Agreus Astrayon, who find themselves entangled in a web of power struggles.

With its gripping storyline, intricate world-building, and top-notch performances from its star-studded cast, Carnival Row – Season 2 promises an exhilarating ride that will leave viewers craving more.


The cancellation of Carnival Row Season 3 has left fans longing for more of this captivating fantasy world. Despite its initial challenges, the show won viewers with its gripping storytelling and thought-provoking themes. While we may never know the reasons behind its cancellation, the dedicated fan base continues to express their desire for a spin-off or continuation of the story. Carnival Row remains a shining example of how imagination and social commentary can create an unforgettable viewing experience. The show’s premature end is a fairy tale without a happy ending.


What were the reasons for Carnival Row Season 3 being canceled?

Carnival Row Season 3 was canceled for unspecified reasons, although the COVID-19 pandemic likely played a role. It’s disappointing for fans, but we can hope for future spin-offs or continuations of the story.

Will there be any spin-offs or continuations of the Carnival Row story?

There is no announcement about any spin-offs or continuations of the Carnival Row story. However, fans are hopeful for future projects that will continue to explore the captivating world of Carnival Row.

How did viewers react to the ending of Carnival Row Season 2?

Viewers had mixed reactions to the ending of Carnival Row Season 2. Some were satisfied with the emotional conclusion and fate of the main characters, while others were left wanting more from the show.

Did the COVID-19 pandemic impact the production of Carnival Row’s new season or its cancellation?

Yes, the COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacted the production of Carnival Row’s new season. The pandemic caused production delays and may have played a role in the show’s cancellation.

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